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Technical Capabilities


Survicom Services Nigeria Limited has the following equipment in our store for Marine Survey Works.

  •   Leica Scan Station C10 (3-D Laser scan equipment)
  • Odom ES3-M25 Multi Beam Echo Sounder with ES3-M Trasducer and In-Built
    TSS DMS-25 Motion Sensor; DigiBar Pro Velocity Meter
  • ODOM EchoTrack DF3200 MK111 Survey Echosounder c/w accessories
  • Valeport MIDAS Survey System – GPS-ECHO SOUNDER  (3 in number)
  • CURRENT METER – Valeport 106 Self Recording/Direct Reading Current Meter
  • Valeport Model 740 Automatic TIDE GUAGE  
  • PIPE DETECTOR – TSS350 Cable & Pipe Survey System.   
  • DGPS POSITIONING SYSTEM – Integrated Positioning Computer System (IPCS)
  • SUB-BOTTOM PROFILER – ORE 140 Pinger system       
  • SIDE SCAN SONAR - Digital Side SSS-100K Side Scan Sonar System    
  • MAGNETOMETER- JWF Proton 3 Magnetometer surface and subsurface system    
  • GYRO FLUXGATD COMPASS - S. G. Brown 1000S  
  • HYPACK – MAX VERSION 10.0  AND QINSY Navigation Data Acquisition Software
  • HYSWEEP optional module to HYPACK
  •   GeoChirp II Sub – Bottom Profiler System
  • DSM12/212 Product Family (Trimble) – Integrated, cost effective and reliable sub- meter positioning for marine application
  • 5700 GPS Receiver for marine, Fast, precise Positioning with Trimble’s 5700 GPS Receiver and the RTK Advantage