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Our Company

Survicom Services Nigeria Limited, a Nigerian-owned private company with an Expatriate Technical Consultant, was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in 1994. The company started operations in 1996.

To take advantage of the technological innovations in Surveying,Geomatics  & Mapping, GPS, GIS, Computer Engineering and Electronics in providing a wide range of high quality services in various fields to reputable corporate and individual clientele.

Skills Pool
The Company is managed by a group of highly qualified and experienced personnel whose aim is to serve clients with high professional standards, who desire quality products for their money and would want to build mutually profitable relationships. This philosophy has therefore continued to govern our specialist approach to satisfying the needs of our predominantly very high profile corporate clientele.

In pursuance of the above objective, Survicom Services is committed to achieving superior satisfaction levels for its external and internal customers through Quality Management while complying with set standards and specifications. The Managing Director of Survicom Services carries the ultimate responsibility for the Company’s commitment to Quality and this responsibility are passed down to the employees through the Line Managers.