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Our Corporate HISSE Policy

The Short and Long term aim of Survicom Services Nigeria Limited is to become the industry leader in all product lines through distinction in HSSE and Quality of products.

In the cause of achieving this objective, Survicom is committed to avoiding injury to, and the preservation of the Health and Safety of, its employees and any other persons who may at any time be affected by its activities and conducting its operations in a manner that provides optimum protection to the Environment.

•   HSSE is an integral part of the Company activities and responsibility. Managers are appraised on the basis of their HSSE performance.

•   The HSSE policy is applicable to all employees; client representatives, subcontractors, suppliers and any third parties involved in the Company operations. Compliance with the HSSE Policy is a condition of employment and the responsibility of each employee.

•   The HSSE policy addresses respect for the Health of the individual and respect for the Environment in the execution of safe and efficient operations.

•   The Company will provide training to all employees to operate in a safe and conducive manner.

•   The Company HSSE policy is built on a "No blame" culture. We are more concerned with recognizing and minimizing risks and hazards than looking for scapegoats and culprits.

•   If noticing an unsafe act, situation or hazard an individual is expected to rectify the situation, report accordingly or if appropriate STOP the operation.

Every employee of Survicom carries this responsibility for the Company's commitment to Health, Safety, Security and the Environment and is expected to show dedication to it. The Managing Director however, carries the ultimate responsibility for HSSE.