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Our Corporate Quality Policy

The Short and Long term aim of Survicom Services Nigeria Limited is to become the industry leader in all product lines through distinction in efficiency, technology, HSSE and Quality.

In pursuing this objective, Survicom Services is committed to achieving superior satisfaction levels for its external and internal customers through Quality Management while complying with applicable standards and specifications.

•   Quality is seen as a line management responsibility and Line managers are expected to show full commitment to Quality Management.

•   The Quality policy is applicable to all employees and third parties involved in Survicom.

•   The Company’s Quality Policy Management systems focus on prevention rather than correction with the aim of doing the right thing at the right time.

•   The Company provides training to all employees so that they can perform their individual Quality responsibilities to their fullest potential.

•   Quality is a continuous improvement process and each and every employee is encouraged to actively participate in this process through highly effective communication systems.

•   Effective control mechanisms, including audits and reviews are established to objectively evaluate the adequacy of the company Quality system and its implementation through all Company’s activities.

All employees of the Company carry the responsibility for this commitment to Quality and each and every employee is expected to show dedication to the achievement of this. The Managing Director however, carries the ultimate responsibility for quality of our products